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In the MONOLISA Studio with California Artist Lisa Ramos

In my first article Step into My Studio - Where the Creations Happen Part 1 I gave readers a glimpse into my creative space in Clayton, California. Being in my studio is one of my favorite places. Every morning when I step into the studio I get a sense of peace. It is just me, lots of machines, countless tools, packages of metals and colorful leathers - the perfect space for cultivating my creative ideas. Since launching my business in 2017, I continue making small improvements to my studio. This year it was all about adding color, creating more warmth, purchasing a few new tools and finding the right chair. The additions have added more feelings of peace and brightness - the perfect combination for a creative workspace. In this blog article I am excited to share with readers the changes I made.  So, lets take a look... 

"I fell in love with the creative process because of the unlimited possibilities."

MONOLISA Studio in Clayton California | Picture from Blog Article by Artist Lisa Ramos: Step Into My Colorful Studio Where The Creations Happen

Adding More Color to My Studio

Adding more color to my studio was inspired during a Carmel, California trip I took in April 2023 with my husband. As an artist I always appreciate the artist vibe that Carmel delivers throughout the stunning city. This year it was no different. After dining a few times at one of my favorite restaurants, Pangaea Grill  and observing their featured artists paintings of cherry blossoms by British Artist Simon Bull I had to take that feeling home with me. So, I did. I decided to purchase a few of Simon Bull's works to create additional brightness and memories for my studio. Today, I couldn't be more happy with making that choice. As they say a picture paints a thousand words and it certainly does in this case - as you will see in the above video.  

Orion 100C Pulse Arc Welding Machine | Picture from Blog Article by Artist Lisa Ramos: Step Into My Colorful Studio Where The Creations Happen

My New Favorite Tool -  The Orion Pulse Arc Welding System 

Over the last few years I have been wanting to do more intricate jewelry designs without traditional soldering. So, I started researching welding systems over the past few years. I knew when the right system came along I would get it. The right time came at the end of 2022. I finally received the system earlier this year. I decided on the Orion 100C welding and soldering system. I really like the system. It has a user friendly touchscreen control, offers 3 modes - pulse-arc, micro and tack making it the perfect tool for me. It comes with a swing arm stand, microscope - my favorite part because my vision isn't great. A bonus, the 5X microscope protects my eyes during welding tasks and allows me to get a precise look at my work. It is a great addition to my studio and the welding quality is amazing. I am having so much fun creating new designs. My first collection I made using this system was the MONOLISA crystal pendant collection.  Each crystal pendants is designed with textured 14 karat gold. What makes this collection unique is each textured ring that holds the crystal is carefully welded together allowing customers to wear the pendant for years to come. 

Vari Active Seat - Adjustable Standing Desk Chair | Picture from Blog Article by Artist Lisa Ramos: Step Into My Colorful Studio Where The Creations Happen

Vari Active Seat - Adjustable Standing Desk Chair

The final addition I added to my studio is a new leaning chair by Vari. I was looking for a seat that would allow me to lean while doing my leather and metalsmith work. When doing detailed studio work my goal is to rotate my body in multiple positions throughout the day - sitting, standing and leaning positions. Being in various positions helps me manage my daily aches and pains - lower back pain, sore hips and feet. I use the Vari leaning chair everyday while working.  It is a great addition to my studio. A bonus, it is light-weight and is easily movable. Well, that is all for now. I better get back to creating.

"Thank you for taking the time to read my blog." 
California Handbag and Jewelry Designer Lisa Ramos
This blog post is written by California Designer, Lisa Ramos.


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