About MONOLISA Designer, Lisa Ramos

MONOLISA - California Designer Lisa Ramos at The American Craft Show
The American Craft Show - San Francisco

Since Lisa Ramos was a little girl, she has always had an appreciation for beautiful women's accessories and dreamed someday of designing her own collection. The San Francisco native started designing leather accessories in 2013 with an emphasis on meticulous attention to detail and style. In 2017 Lisa's first collection, MONOLISA launched. MONOLISA designs reflect Lisa’s personal style in quality and elegance while also adding a touch of sparkle.  

MONOLISA artisan handmade bags and jewelry pieces are not mass produced or sold in retail stores. They are only available exclusively online, by appointment or at a MONOLISA Show. Each elegant piece is personally hand crafted by Artist, Lisa Ramos in Clayton, California. MONOLISA pieces have been featured at the San Francisco American Craft Show and other additional fine art juried shows.  

Design Process

“My mission is to design beautifully handmade limited edition pieces that add a touch of elegance to any personal style. Each design is an extension of who I am. I fell in love with the creative process because of the unlimited possibilities. My inspiration comes from exploring new ways to improve my designs and creating pieces that require a new skill set...during that process inspiration is born. To learn more about my design process and artistic journey read my "Artist Life Blog". 

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