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In this blog article explore the world of fine art from these top California Artists. Each independent artist featured in this article is personally selected by California Handbag & Jewelry Designer, Lisa Ramos. Lisa knows each talented artist and has purchased pieces from their body of work - fine art paintings, striking photography, metal sculptures and unbelievable detailed pieces. As an artist, Lisa loves supporting the art community.  


About The California Fine Artist

Frank Michael Trozzo - The artist is inspired by something he's seen in a dream or an idea that suddenly appears. Each one of a kind piece of art is made by Frank Michael Trozzo in Northern California.  

Anne Morrison Rabe Photography  Anne looks at the natural, mostly botanical, world and what others might pass by, from an unusual perspective. Her photography verges on the abstract or painterly, an illustrative rather than literal medium.  Using an iPhone and multiple applications, my method is truly mobile, bringing an immediacy to my work that allows me to chronicle and share my unique point of view. Anne finds creative inspiration everywhere and love the spontaneity of being able to use my phone to interpret my vision.

Alain Fastre  Watercolors are what Alain feels best, with its immediate and spontaneous approach of a moment in time. Water, indispensable to our living, is present in all of his work, continuously flowing, quietly, happily as does our life. Each piece of art is handmade in Mountain View, California.

Journey Vessels  - Louise McGowan Bezark is a Northern California native and artist with more than a decade of works in private collections throughout the US and overseas. Her inspirations come from colors, textures, and shapes, creatures large and small, from around the globe.

Linda Donohue Fine Art The California artist paints abstract seascapes and expressionist paintings in acrylics inspired by the San Francisco Bay Area. Each fine art piece is handmade by Linda Donohue. 

Melani's Grube Art -The collection includes original fine art paintings, prints and unique cards. The original art is by Melani Grube.

Rose Hill Art - Rose Hill received national recognition in fall of 1999 after appearing on the Oprah Winfrey Show and later her work was featured in "O" Magazine. Rose has long collected retro African American artifacts and inspired by her collection, began sketching designs for her won label, she soon found herself hooked on painting the nostalgic images. 

Rusty Noodle - An accomplished artist, Rob Nehring's sculptures are in galleries and part of private collections throughout the US. The characters featured in Rusty Noodle Studios are created overall from 99% recycled materials. Through found scrap materials, Rob lets the materials dictate what they will become. 

Tek Photography - Each sweeping panoramic landscapes and night scape photography piece is captured by Humboldt Artist, Evan Kovasi.


California Handbag & Jewelry Designer, Lisa Ramos
This blog post is written by California Designer, Lisa Ramos.

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