Jewelry - Care, Birthstones, Metals, Questions, Answers, Tips and Gemstone Facts

Argentium Silver Blue and White Sapphire Ring - Made in California
If you have questions about jewelry care, want tips, learn about gemstones and jewelry metal types or discover how a ring is handmade explore the links below. New questions, answers and tips are frequently added to this page so come back for more tips. 

Jewelry Questions, Answers and Tips

Traditional Sterling Topaz Ring Made in California

How do I Care for Jewelry Gemstone Pieces? 

Understanding how to care for your precious gemstone jewelry pieces is essential. For guidelines and tips click here.
Pearl Care

How to Care for Pearl Jewelry - 14 Tips

Keeping your pearl jewelry clean and long lasting means properly caring for your pieces. These tips will help with the longevity of your pearl jewelry and help preserve their beauty. 

Sunshine Jewelry Cleaning Cloth

How do I Care for Jewelry Pieces Designed with Metal & Leather?

Explore these jewelry tips for metal and leather designed jewelry pieces.  

Colorful Gemstones

What are the Traditional and Modern Birthstone Gem Colors?

If you are looking for a specific birthstone color and meaning that will spark gift ideas you arrived in the right place. This quick guide to birthstone colors and meanings.

Purple Amethyst Gemstone

What are 25 Facts about Gemstones?

If you are a gemstone enthusiast or want to learn more about gems checkout these 25 intriguing gemstone facts

Round Diamond - What is the Millimeter to Conversion Chart for Gemstones?
What is the Millimeter to Conversion Chart for Gemstones?

Do you want to know what the millimeter or carat size of a gemstone is - such as a diamond or sapphire? This Millimeters to Carat Conversion Chart converts a gemstones in millimeters (mm) to carat weight size.  

Argentium Silver Ring - Made in California
What is Argentium Silver?

Discover the mystery behind Argentium silver and benefits of this ultra shiny metal loved by jewelers and jewelry collectors. 

Gold & Silver Wire

What are the different Jewelry Metal Types?

Jewelry is designed with a variety of metal types such as copper, plated metals, sterling, platinum and fine gold. This resource link is an overview of traditional sterling, Argentium silver and14k gold filled metals in colors yellow and pink.  

Gemstone Cuts - Diamonds

What are the Different Gemstone Cuts?

This is a list of gemstone cut styles and simple checklist for shopping gems. It includes all faced gemstone styles such as diamonds, sapphires, topaz, spinel, aquamarine, tourmaline, peridot and amethyst.

Jewelry Designer - Lisa Ramos Soldering a Ring

How is a Handmade Ring Made?

This blog article includes a sneak peak at a day in the life of a jewelry designer in great detail hand making a gemstone ring. It features jewelry designer, Lisa Ramos in her Clayton, California studio. 

Handmade Earring Jacket Set Made in Traditional Sterling - MONOLISA Jewelry
What are Earring Jackets?

If you are a jewelry enthusiast and appreciate versatile jewelry, earring jackets might be the perfect addition to your jewelry collection. This blog article gives you an overview of what earring jackets are and video with jewelry designer, Lisa Ramos featuring MONOLISA earring jackets. 

Tourmaline Gemstones - Pink
What is the Moh's Gemstone Hardness Scale?

The Mohs Scale measures the hardness of various minerals from 1 through 10 - one being the softest and ten the hardest. The scale measures all the different minerals based on the Mohs Scale.


Raw Topaz

What is the History Behind a Topaz Gemstone?

To better understand the topaz let's take a look at the history behind the gemstone, its meaning, the stone formation and the beautiful gem color options. 
Colorful Opal Gemstone

Tell me about Opal Gemstones

Tell me about opal gemstones - I walk through some of the most common questions opal enthusiasts may ask or wonder about.