In the Studio Videos

California Handbag & Jewelry Designer Lisa Ramos

Lisa Ramos is a handbag and jewelry designer in Clayton, California. Being in her studio is one of her favorite places on earth. Every morning when Lisa steps into the studio she feels at peace. It is just her, lots of machines, many tools, metals and colorful leathers - the perfect space for cultivating creativity. Since launching her business in 2017, Lisa continues making improvements to her studio. 

Explore the latest updates to the MONOLISA Studio in Clayton, California that were made in 2023. This year it was all about adding color, warmth, a few new tools and some furniture. The latest additions have created feelings of peace and more brightness. Read Blog Article by Artist Lisa Ramos - Step Into My Colorful Studio Where The Creations Happen 

In the summer of 2022 Lisa made some big changes to the MONOLISA Studio - take a look. Read Blog Article by Artist Lisa Ramos - Step into My Improved Studio - Where the Creations Happen