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California Artist Lisa Ramos with a MONOLISA Customer
November 9, 2023 marks the sixth anniversary of starting my business, MONOLISA. Each year after some reflection I write a blog article about my memories and experiences. In this blog I thought it would be fun for readers to experience some of the memories from a "Questions and Answers Series" about this year's experiences. This year certainly delivered lots of wonderful moments and fond memories along the way. So, lets take a peak down memory lane. PS...don't miss the picture gallery below. 
  1. What was surprising that happened in 2023? "Discussing my dyslexia journey - in my blog and on the podcast Dyslexia Explored."
  2. What was the hardest part of 2023? "Balancing my business life and unexpected personal responsibilities to help a family member."
  3. What was the most challenging show? "Fremont Art & Wine Festival was tough for a few reasons". The weather was really hot and no wind - very uncomfortable at times. On Sunday morning I had a difficult time getting into the festival to park my van - there were cement barricades everywhere. After driving through a tight space and over a curb I managed to get in - talk about a road block literally! The topper, loading out on Sunday was tough too. The blistering sun was beating down on me while loading bins into my van. One more bonus, dodging an old tree stump in front of the loading area. I had some challenges to overcome for sure. On a positive note, I slept like a baby that night and it was a good show. I will be back next year - what doesn't kill me makes me stronger!"
  4. The biggest lesson I learned this year? "Getting to shows even earlier than I normally do can get me a better parking spot. Arriving at a show at 5:50 am vs 6:15 am can make a difference finding a better parking spot. So, now I leave earlier for shows. Who cares about sleep!"
  5. What changes did I make to my studio this year? " I added some new Simon Bull art pieces that brightened my creative space and delivered a sense of calm. I also purchased some new beautiful tools. I just love tools!"
  6. What is my favorite MONOLISA piece I created? "A gemstone ring."
  7. What new piece of equipment am I obsessed with? "My Orion pulse arc welding system. It allows me to create things I couldn't do before with traditional soldering. It makes me really happy and I love the microscope feature!"
  8. What was I most nervous about this year? "Doing my first Podcast with Jessica Rose - the founder of The Jewellers Academy. Although I prepared with lots of notes I was still a bit nervous. Sometimes I know what I want to say, but the words don't come out easily. Also, I had just come back from an out of town show so I was exhausted."
  9. What was most fun about 2023? "Being at the shows seeing customers - styling them and catching up about life. I love seeing when a customer likes a specific handbag or jewelry design and instantly connects with the piece."
  10. What was the most challenging writing project? "No doubt the blog article, Artist Life - Art & Dyslexia . I shared with readers my latest newfound appreciation of self-discovery and details about recently discovering my dyslexia. I worked on that article for several months and did some serious soul searching. Writing takes me twice as long as others, because of my learning differences - I was determined to do it. I was also excited my story was featured on Dyslexia Advantage
  11. If I could change anything about 2023 what would it be? "Mother Nature and the unbearable hot summer days.”
  12. Favorite part about 2023? "Oh, that is so simple, seeing customers and being in my quiet studio creating."
  13. What am I most grateful for in 2023? "The continued customer support I receive. It allows me to do what I love doing, creating with my hands. Thank you so much to everyone!" Also, for my friend Nancy who helps me at shows....A HUGE THANK YOU!
  14. What was the easiest part about 2023? "Just doing what I do, create and going to shows."
  15. What will I not repeat in 2023? "I will stick with shows that are within 100 mile range of my residence. At this stage in my life traveling too far isn't for me and I appreciate being at home in the evenings.
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    "Thank you for taking the time to read my blog." 
    California Handbag and Jewelry Designer Lisa Ramos
    This blog post is written by California Designer, Lisa Ramos.


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