Elegant Crystals and Elements

MONOLISA Jewelry & Bags Designed with Crystals - Made in USA

The MONOLISA collection is handmade with the finest quality crystals from around the world. MONOLISA uses an assortment of beautiful colors, interesting shapes and sizes. The lavish crystals are the worlds finest precision-cut crystals. MONOLISA only uses the highest quality crystals when hand making each product. 

MONOLISA Pink Leather Tote - Bags Made in USA 

MONOLISA Handbags Made in USA

MONOLISA Handbags and bag accessories feature a variety of elegant crystal elements - fancy stones, crystal rocks and pave. The elements are designed in hues of blue, iridescent, gold, green, purple, gray and pink.

The video showcases designer, Lisa Ramos featuring MONOLISA bags  designed with crystals.

Monique Tote 6 – Silk Italian Suede Featuring Swarovski Rocks (one of a kind)

MONOLISA Tote - Crystal Rocks
MONOLISA Crossbody Bag Designed with Swarovski Crystals - Made in California

MONOLISA Crossbody Bag - Blue & Clear Crystals


MONOLISA Leather Suede Tote Bag - Made in USA

MONOLISA Tote Bag - Lavish Crystals

Monique bag - Swarovski iridescent pave

MONOLISA Clutch Bag - Iridescent pave crystals

MONOLISA Jewelry Made in California

The MONOLISA Jewelry Collection features a variety hand sculpted designs with elegant fancy crystals. The crystal elements used in MONOLISA earrings, pendants, and necklace designs come in a multitude of colors from iridescent, classic clear, soft pinks, blue, golden, red and gunmetal. MONOLISA jewelry designs deliver high brilliance and lots of light reflection making them simply beautiful and the perfect accessory. The above video features designer, Lisa Ramos showcasing the versatile earring collection you can wear two ways designed with crystal elements.  

Unique Blue Goddess Bent Hoop Earrings - Swarovski Cluster

Bent Hoop Cluster Earrings - Featuring Lavish Crystals

Lavish 14k Gold Earrings Designed with Swarovski Crystals - Made in California Gold Filled Lavender earrings - Pear Crystals


The above video features designer, Lisa Ramos wearing these fancy hoop earrings.


The above video features designer, Lisa Ramos showcasing the regal chandelier earring collection designed with colorful crystals.