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California Handbag & Jewelry Designer Lisa Ramos Blog - In the MONOLISA Studio
Work station has a convenient rolling table 

One of my favorite places to be is in my home studio in Clayton, California. I love the space, because everything feels peaceful and the natural light is comforting. It is just me, the machines, tools and all the materials - it's where all the MONOLISA creations happen. Since, the launch of business in 2017, my studio has changed significantly. I moved from a standard bedroom size room to a large open room.

Now I am fortunate to have more space and height! This year, I changed the paint color to a neutral cream - still working on hanging up those pictures. When first setting up my creative space it wasn't easy finding exactly what I wanted. So, I had it made by a special craftsman, my husband. He built the beautifully painted cream color work stations and rolling shelves - love the versatility. I like tables and shelves on wheels, because it gives me lots of location options.

"I fell in love with the creative process because of the unlimited possibilities."


Jewelers Bench - California Jewelry Designer Lisa Ramos Blog

At the bench

My jewelry station aka at the bench spot is where I design the MONOLISA jewelry collection and carefully set stones with a microscope. The natural light shines right onto my bench giving lots of extra light exactly where I need it. I have a small cabinet on wheels where tools and supplies are stored - easily accessible and saves time trying to find my tools. The rolling shelf gives me quick access to my much needed hammers, mandrels, saws and stores larger equipment on the top shelf perfectly. 

Studio - Photography & Video Area - California Handbag & Jewelry Designer Lisa Ramos Blog

Studio - Photography & Video Area 

In between making pieces for the MONOLISA collection I am working on the website presence. Having photography equipment accessible with a video recording area is ideal. It allows me to quickly photograph new pieces right in my studio and easily work on YouTube MONOLISA product videos - the location is convenient. 

Polishing and Soldering Station - California Handbag & Jewelry Designer Lisa Ramos Blog

Soldering and polishing station

This year, my talented craftsman built me a bench area on wheels for soldering and polishing jewelry. The bench area is in a separate space of the house - where it can withstand all the fumes and enormous amounts of dust from polishing. You wouldn't believe the amount of dust and dirt polishing jewelry creates. A bonus, at the end of the day I can easily wipe off the dust on the tiles. On the wall is a metal shield for fire safety - incase that large flame goes where it isn't suppose to. Well that is my studio. Thanks for stopping by. I better get back to soldering... 

"My designs are an extension of who I am."


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