Edge Paint Finishing

Italian Leather Crossbody Bag with Edge Painted Adjustable Over the Shoulder Strap

Italian Leather Crossbody Bag with Edge Painted Strap

What is Leather Edge Paint Finish?

Leather edge painting is when an artisan finishes the cut edges of a leather piece with paint, creating a more refined look. MONOLISA uses edge paint, achieving the highest quality edge on some of the leather handbag handles. 

The video features behind the scenes with California Handbag Designer, Lisa Ramos making Italian leather crossbody handbags. Get a sneak peak at the edge painting process and the many details that go into this technique. 


In this video Lisa demonstrates edge painting an Italian leather handle strap for a MONOLISA tote bag.

This video features Lisa edge painting a card case - applying the first layer of color.  

Italian Edge Paint Colors

MONOLISA's first season of leather pieces used bold and glamours colors in both glossy and matte finishes. Shades included red, pink, tan, blue, black and custom mixed colors. For a more glitz look and feel pink and silver sparkle were used. 


Italian Edge Paint Colors