How I Make Jewelry - Artist Lisa Ramos

California Jewelry Designer Lisa Ramos - MONOLISA Jewelry Collection Made in California

Lisa Ramos is a jewelry designer in Clayton, California. Every year she releases a limited edition jewelry collection, MONOLISA. Each sophisticated  jewelry design is personally hand crafted by Lisa Ramos. The MONOLISA Collection is not mass produced or sold in retail stores. Pieces are only available exclusively online, by video appointment or at a MONOLISA show.  

Behind the Scenes with Artist Lisa Ramos

Lisa takes viewers behind the scenes making Argentium silver pearl rings. 

Go behind the scenes with artist Lisa Ramos making the one of a kind Akoya pearl ring collection. 

The 2024 MONOLISA Gemstone Collection - behind the scenes of making the ring collection.  

Keeping your MONOLISA crystal jewelry clean and long lasting means properly caring for your pieces. Jewelry designed with crystal elements require special care. In this video artist Lisa Ramos shows how to carefully clean crystal jewelry. 

The videos below give readers a glimpse of life in the studio with Designer Lisa Ramos in Clayton, California. This year Lisa is sharing visual details with readers her process for making handmade pieces for the MONOLISA Collection.  

A behind the look at the new crystal pendant collection designed with 14 karat gold. What makes this pendant unique is each textured ring that holds the crystal is carefully welded together allowing you to wear the pendant for years to come. 

If you appreciate mixed metal jewelry designs take a sneak peek at the new one of a kind Argentium silver and 14 karat gold pendant collection. 



Take a look at how Lisa hand makes hand made14 Karat gold rings in this Instagram video. Some of the steps include shaping the metal and texturing it.



In this video here are some of the steps Lisa does to make 14 karat white gold palladium hoop earrings. Some of the steps she does includes shaping the metals into hoops, hammering, lightly texturing and using an Orion Pulse Arc Welding System with a microscope.