MONOLISA limited edition and one of a kind designs are meticulously handcrafted premium leather products and accessories made with the finest materials from around the world. The collection offers ultra light-weight handbags, bag accessoriessculpted jewelry and custom orders. Adding a touch of elegance, some pieces are designed with beautiful crystal elements and finished with Italian edge paintMONOLISA pieces have been featured at the San Francisco American Craft Show and other additional fine art juried shows.  MONOLISA's mission is to design beautifully handmade limited edition pieces that add a touch of elegance to any personal style.

Italian Leather Crossbody Bags - Bags Handmade in USA

Italian Leather Crossbody Bags

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Jewelry Made in California - Earrings, Choker Necklaces, Goddess Rings, & Necklaces

Jewelry Designs - Lavish Crystals


Blue and Pink Leather Totes - Bags Handmade in USA

Bags Made in USA


Rings Made in California By Designer Lisa Ramos

Rings Made in California


Italian Leather Crossbody Cell Bag - Bags Made in USA

Luxurious Crossbody Cell Bag

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Jewelry & Handbag Designer, Lisa Ramos - MONOLISA Brand

MONOLISA Product Videos


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Jewelry Made in California - Sculpted Rings, Earrings, Necklaces Designed with Swarovski Crystals

What Makes MONOLISA Jewelry Unique?


Jewelry & Handbag Designer, Lisa Ramos - MONOLISA Brand Handbags & Jewelry Collection

Designer, Lisa Ramos


MONOLISA Versatile Jewelry Collection - Designer Lisa Ramos

Versatile Style


MONOLISA Versatile Jewelry Collection

Handmade 14k Gold Choker Designed with Swarovski Crystals - Jewelry Made in California