How I Make Handbags - Artist Lisa Ramos

California Handbag Designer Lisa Ramos - MONOLISA Handbag Collection Made in California

Lisa Ramos is a handbag designer in Clayton, California. Every year she releases a limited edition handbag collection, MONOLISA. Each sophisticated handbag  design is personally hand crafted by Lisa Ramos. The MONOLISA Collection is not mass produced or sold in retail stores. Pieces are only available exclusively online by video appointment or at a MONOLISA show.  Go behind the scenes with artist Lisa Ramos to see how she makes leather handbags - videos below.

Behind the Scenes Making Leather Bags


This video shows many of the steps that go into artist Lisa Ramos making Italian leather embossed croc tote bags. 

In this video Lisa shows you a quick step by step how she makes leather flowers before the painting process.  

In this video Lisa takes shows viewers how she hand paints the leather flowers for her upcoming 2024 MONOLISA Handbag Collection. 

In this video Lisa shows viewers the many steps that go into making a metallic leather crossbody bag for her 2024 MONOLISA Handbag Collection. 

How Lisa cuts leather hides may surprise. Watch the video and see. This year Lisa decided to take a different approach cutting leather and couldn't be more happy with the results.  

In this video Handbag Designer Lisa Ramos shows people how she makes handbags. She gives viewers a behind the scenes look at some of the steps that go into making her Pastel Crossbody Bag MONOLISA Collection.

This video features behind the scenes with California handbag maker, Lisa Ramos. The video shows the many steps of creating the unique handmade Italian leather crossbody bag collection with shimmering colorful crystals.

Get a glimpse into the world of making bags. There are many steps that go into creating a leather handbag collection. A combination of planning, designing, carefully sourcing, scheduling and hand making each piece are the main parts of a design to production process. 

In this video Lisa shows viewers the last steps of making an Italian leather crossbody bag.

Leather edge painting is when an artisan finishes the cut edges of a leather piece with paint, creating a more refined look. This video features California handbag designer Lisa Ramos edge painting leather handle straps for a MONOLISA Italian leather tote bag. 

Behind the scenes with California Handbag Designer Lisa Ramos in the studio. It is that time of year for making leather bags. Each year from January through April Lisa is designing and making bags for her company, MONOLISA. She takes viewers through a glimpse of doing a small batch production. Did I mention, she does this project alone? The process is never easy, but in the end there is a great deal of inner satisfaction for her.

See a close look at a finished Italian Leather Embossed Croc Tote Bag made by Designer Lisa Ramos.