Giving Back

Handbag & Jewelry Designer - About Giving Back

Each year MONOLISA gives back to an organization or someone in need. Giving back has a tremendous positive impact to the lives of others and below are the latest ways of contributing. For donation requests send an email - note that donations are limited per year. Thank you. 

2022 Donations

The Representation Project
In 2022 MONOLISA is giving back to the organization, The Rep Project by donating a one of a kind handmade leather bag to their Mothers' Day fundraiser – High Tea and Handbags. "In 2011, Jennifer Siebel Newsom founded The Representation Project in response to overwhelming public demand for ongoing education and social action in support of her first film, Miss Representation. Since then, Siebel Newsom has released two more acclaimed films, The Mask You Live In (2015) and The Great American Lie (2019). The organization runs a global youth filmmaker program to train the next generation of change agents. The Rep Project is also known for its impactful media research and social activism campaigns, including #NotBuyingIt, #AskHerMore, and #RepresentHer." To learn more about the organization visit   

2021 Donations

TVT Community Day school

This year, MONOLISA is giving back to the TVT Community Day School in Orange County, California. MONOLISA is donating pieces from the collection for their annual TVT Community Day School Virtual Auction Event on May 23. TVT is the #1 K-12 independent school in Orange County and is home to 450 Orange County families. Their mission - "
We are an inclusive Jewish school of inquiry and innovation where academics are important and character is paramount." Click here to learn more about TVT Community Day School.

Fundraiser to Raise Money for Parents Caring for Toddler with Leukemia

MONOLISA donated jewelry for an April 2021 fundraiser to raise money for the Antioch food truck owners who had to stop working to care for toddler with leukemia. The Antioch couple are food truck operators concerned about exposure to the virus. The community is rallying to help them. The owners of Tacuache’s food truck estimate they'll be out of work for at least six months. They aren’t taking any chances as their son undergoes intensive chemotherapy. To learn more about how you can help click here and for details regarding the GoFundMe page. 


2020 Donations

Carolina Helping Paws Rescue

MONOLISA is excited to donate some handmade pieces to a silent auction for the benefit of the Carolina Helping Paws Rescue in 2020. The non-profit organization, in Sumter, South Carolina is raising money for the rescue, to help with vetting, medications, food, toys, etc. "
Carolina Helping Paws Rescue is a volunteer group of animal loving people who are the voice for as many as we can be. We save animals from high kill shelters, abuse cases, neglect and the poor souls who are dumped or born stray and homeless." 

Bay Area Cancer Connections

MONOLISA donated handmade jewelry pieces to BACC's May 2020 event raising awareness for World Ovarian Cancer Day (WOCD). This is MONOLISA's second year donating to the organization. The organization supports anyone affected by breast or ovarian cancer with personalized services that inform and empower. 

Martinez Arts Association

MONOLISA donated to the Martinez Arts Association Teachers Art Materials Grant Fund. The funds provides materials for art projects in teacher's classrooms. Purchases include paints, brushes, a variety of papers, display boards, tiles, art journals, card stock, and markers. One project planned by Kristen Paradiso at Alhambra High School is termed a “Memory Project” where students will paint portraits of refugee children from photos sent to them. Then the Martinez students send the portraits to the children as gifts. For more information or donation contributions click here

2019 Donations


Bay Area Cancer Connections

MONOLISA donated a variety of their earring designs to Bay Area Cancer Connections (BACC) in Palo Alto. The organization supports anyone affected by breast or ovarian cancer with personalized services that inform and empower. MONOLISA artisan, Lisa Ramos is very excited to be giving back to BACC's upcoming May 7, 2019 event to raise awareness for World Ovarian Cancer Day (WOCD). "The event holds a special place in my heart. I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at the age of 33 and 17 years later I continue to think about the challenges women and men face with cancer. Finding supportive programs and the right resources can be challenging and overwhelming during the cancer process. BACC's resource center does a truly amazing job providing different support groups and excellent resources!" For more information about BACC visit


MONOLISA donated money towards backpacks for foster care children to the wonderful organization, Children usually come into foster care with a small bag of clothes that they can carry. More times than not the items are too small, stained or ripped. Mary Ann’s closet is designed to bridge the gap between what children come with and what they need while easing the burden on the foster parent. Mary Ann’s closet is the solution. Foster parents and relative caregivers have a place to come to get the items they need to meet the needs of the children in their care at no cost to them. 

2018 Donations

MONOLISA donated jewelry and leather products for the Rescue Gala, Humane Society's annual dinner and auction at Perera Pavilion at the Pleasant Hill Community Center.

Contra Costa Humane Society - Their mission is to empower our community to improve the quality of life for animals and decrease euthanasia rates. Through their programs and services they connect with individuals and private and public organizations to adopt pets, reduce the number of unwanted animals, and educate the public to foster compassion, responsibility, and respect toward animals. For more information click here

Camp Fire Paradise Victims  

MONOLISA donated a variety of leather products and jewelry to a Camp Fire Paradise family, after the loss of their home and personal belongings. The 2018 camp fire in Paradise was the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in California history to date.