Giving Back

Gifting MONOLISA - Unique Gift Wrap Handmade in California

MONOLISA enjoys giving back to organizations and people who have lost everything. Below are our latest ways of giving back to communities. 

Mary Ann's Closet

In 2019, MONOLISA donated money towards backpacks for foster care children to the wonderful organization, Children usually come into foster care with a small bag of clothes that they can carry. More times than not the items are too small, stained or ripped. Mary Ann’s closet is designed to bridge the gap between what children come with and what they need while easing the burden on the foster parent. Mary Ann’s closet is the solution. Foster parents and relative caregivers have a place to come to get the items they need to meet the needs of the children in their care at no cost to them. 

Human Society

In 2018, MONOLISA donated jewelry and leather products for the Rescue Gala, Humane Society's annual dinner and auction at Perera Pavilion at the Pleasant Hill Community Center.

Contra Costa Humane Society - Their mission is to empower our community to improve the quality of life for animals and decrease euthanasia rates. Through their programs and services they connect with individuals and private and public organizations to adopt pets, reduce the number of unwanted animals, and educate the public to foster compassion, responsibility, and respect toward animals. For more information click here

Camp Fire Paradise Victims 

In 2018, MONOLISA donated a variety of leather products and jewelry to a Camp Fire Paradise family, after the loss of their home and personal belongings. The 2018 camp fire in Paradise was the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in California history to date.