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Shopping for memorable and quality gifts is not an easy task. In this blog article explore unique gifting ideas from local makers and artist's. Each artist selected in this article is personally selected by California Designer, Lisa Ramos who has purchased items from each business in this article. Lisa has also included her business MONOLISA. Explore handmade silk scarves, intricate woodwork, knitted pieces, beautiful resign designs, gemstone rings, glass pieces, fancy hair pins, leather bags, necklaces, one of a kind pillow cases, unique photography art and much more. As an artist Lisa loves supporting the art community and local businesses. Have fun shopping! 

About The Talented California Artists & Makers

Alice Reva Designs - Botanically dyed and intentionally crafted in Bay Area - scarfs, hair accessories, face masks and pillow cases. Each one of a kind dyed piece is handmade by maker Alice Reva in Albany, California. 

Batle Studio 
- Each object is are all handmade in San Francisco by artist Agelio Batle. The artist is committed to making art from materials that are part of daily experience. Agelio Batle originated this work by casting his own hand (Drawing Hand No.1) in pencil lead, graphite, each day for the calendar year 1999.  Each object is individually packaged in an elegant black gift box with literature telling a little bit about the artist/studio and the symbolism of the enclosed object.  

BE. HEART. NOW® - Santa Cruz Artist, Amy Wolfe isn't going to wait around for a more Heart-Headed™ world, she is literally creating it and making it happen. Her work is #AdorableActivism at its finest. Customizing Heart-Headed™ wire-worked miniature figures in various handcrafts and then utilizing her perspective photography skills, to show exactly what a more Heart-Headed™ joyful world truly looks like. 

Camille Torres Designs - Artist Camille Torres is a Bay Area metal smith, artist and bug geek. Her incredible designs will immediately captivate you. Her pieces are inspired by the natural cycles in life, intertwining nature and the human interaction within it.

Creekside Turnery - Explore Artist Richard Vierra's beautiful wood work creations - one of a kind bowls, vases, platters, teapots and striking vessels. 

Copper & Ash - Wood burned offerings for Everyday Ritual - spoons, bowls and trays. Each detailed piece is handmade by Yountville, California artist Amy Boulant.  

Eden & Zoe - The women and children’s clothing collection is created using a hand-operated knitting loom or sewing machine, and finished by hand. Many pieces are entirely hand knitted and/or sewn. The collection is made in small quantities to ensure quality and exclusivity by Melissa Wang in San Mateo, California.  

Gila Glass - Glass fusing is her passion, her art, her livelihood. Each original, unique and one of a kind glass pieces is handmade by artist Gila Sigy.

GTPcreations was born in 2021 by maker Jim Gowdy. It was created out of his love for woodworking and joy of creation. In a search for a new ideas in what to create Jim discovered Fractal Burning. With inspirations and help from his wife they use this technique to make one of a kind art forms.

HolidayPop - Handmade colorful greeting cards - birthdays, nature, proposals, weddings, holidays, kids and sports. The detailed cards are made in Burlingame, California.

I am a Yarner - Beautifully hand knit and crochet hats, scarves and headbands. The collection is handmade by Sacramento Artist Sandi Ragusa.  

Maarit Knits Is a homegrown knitwear studio located in Northern California. Maarit learned to knit, crochet and weave at an early age growing up in Finland from her seamstress grandmother. She perfected her hand-operated machine knitting skills in a knitwear program at the Art Academy of San Francisco. Her love for color, exquisite yarns from Maine and embellishments of fine leather/suede and fancy crystals are essential elements for her custom-made knitwear collection. 

Mission City Pens
Mission City Pens designs are often one-of-a-kind using materials or designs that can not be duplicated.  Rare and exotic woods with stunning wood grain or burl, postage stamps, watch parts, colorful acrylics, alligator jawbone, pinecones, inlay wood themes, bullet cartridges, gun themes, pens with a historically significant inlay and a host of other materials uncommonly used to make a pen are just a small example of the materials Southern California Artist Brian uses.     

MONOLISA - Premium leather handbags, jewelry and custom pieces designed with gemstones and lavish crystals. Handmade in Clayton, California by Artist Lisa Ramos.  

Saadia Art - Eye catching 3D resin designs - trays, jewelry holders, clocks and much more. Pieces from the collection have been featured in bizjournals.com. Each design is created by maker Saadia Kamal from San Ramon, California. 

SIP – Seriously Imbibed Products – is a unique organic cotton textile company owned and designed by California artist Julia Minasian. Julia's Wine Country Lifestyle inspired designs have met with resounding enthusiasm in wineries and boutique shops all across the USA.

Story Spark - Southern California founders Alex and Sun created STORY SPARK as a reminder that our time together should be fun and memorable. After having consulted for a number of corporations as digital interface designers, they decided to apply their experience and design principles into the creation of something personal - something with the potential to empower people at an individual level. 

The Weekend Store - was born from a deep desire to provide not just a good gift, but the perfect gift. The Weekend Store offers a progressively designed, hand-made collection of exceptional home goods, clothing, and accessories for people who celebrate individuality, champion social justice, and appreciate wit. Each piece is   handmade with incomparable craftsmanship by Bay Area Maker,   Adjowah. 

Vlad's Lab llc - Each intricate hand-crafted wood design is created by maker,   Vlad Stanojevikj in Pescadero, California. All of the wood is sourced locally from Big Creek Lumber. 


California Handbag & Jewelry Designer, Lisa Ramos | MONOLISA Handbags & Jewelry
This blog post is written by California Designer, Lisa Ramos.  

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