Akoya Pearl 14 Karat Gold Earrings - Jewelry Made in California | Bay Area Made Jewelry by Designer Lisa Ramos

The MONOLISA Pearl Jewelry Collection uses Akoya and freshwater cultured pearls. Akoya pearls are known for their mirror luster, perfect roundness and superior surface quality. Akoya pearls are considered one of the highest quality pearls available. The formation process for pearls takes two to three years. An Akoya oyster produces a single round pearl at a time and naturally form neutral colors. A freshwater pearl forms inside mussels and produces up to thirty pearls at a time. Freshwater pearls are popular for their unique shapes, satiny appearance and beautiful natural colors such as pink, yellow, white and pastel hues. The pearl gemstone symbolizes love and is the traditional birthstone for the month of June.


12 Facts About Akoya Pearls

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