Interesting Facts About Ruby Gemstones

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The Gemstone Ruby - Round Shape

Round Shape Ruby Gemstone

If you are looking for a gorgeous red gemstone, a ruby is a wonderful choice. Many jewelers design with this gemstone not only because of it's beauty, but distinct rarity and durability. To better understand a ruby let's take a look at the history behind the ruby, its meaning, the stones formation and the gemstones color options.

Where was The First Ruby Gemstone Found?

The first ruby was discovered around 2500 B.C. in the Habeikkyin District of Mandalay Region of Myanmar.

How is a Ruby Gemstone Formed?

A ruby gemstone forms below the earth under extreme heat and pressure. When compression occurs, oxygen and aluminum atoms turn into a crystalline form of aluminium oxide called a corundum. It takes 20-30 million years for a ruby to form. 

What are the Color Options of a Ruby?

A ruby is primarily red. The range of red can vary from deep blackish, orangish and pink color.   

What is the meaning of a Ruby Gemstone?

A ruby is known for its durability, making the gem one of the world's most desirable stones and known as the "ruler of jewels". It is believed that rubies were favored by warriors and are correlated with strength. The gem is also credited with increasing ones strength and stamina of those who wear them. Rubies are connected to calming anger and navigating passionate social situations. 

What is the Largest Ruby in the World?

The largest ruby in the world sold at a New York auction for $34.8 million. The ruby size was 55.22 carats. It was founded by a firm in Africa called Fura Gems. The name of the ruby gemstone is Estrela de Fura - meaning  Star of Fura in Portuguese.

Where Do Rubies Come From?

The most expensive rubies are from Burma. Although some are mined in the United States they also come from Afghanistan, Australia, Cambodia, India, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand and Vietnam.

Is a Ruby a Precious Gemstone?

Yes, a ruby is one of the four precious gemstones. The other precious gemstones include diamond, sapphire and emerald. 

What Birthstone Month is Ruby?

A ruby is both the modern and traditional birthstone for the month of July. A ruby is also the gemstone of 15th and 40th anniversaries.

How Strong is a Ruby?

A ruby is considered a very strong gemstone. It is a 9 on the mohs scale. The Mohs Scale measures the hardness of various minerals from 1 through 10 - one being the softest and ten the hardest. The scale measures all the different minerals based on the Mohs Scale

How Much Does a Ruby Cost?

How much a ruby costs depends on the quality, size and color of the stone. Rubies start at $2,000 - $50,000 per carat. 



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