How to Care for Pearl Jewelry - 14 Tips

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Pearls in Colors White, Pink, Gray and Blue Keeping your pearl jewelry clean and long lasting means properly caring for your pieces. Pearls are an organic gemstone and require special care. The jewelry tips below help with maintaining pearl longevity and preserving the gemstones deep lustrous beauty


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14 Tips - Pearl Jewelry Care & Maintenance 

  1. Wipe pearl jewelry pieces with a soft cloth after wearing.
  2. Make sure your pearls are 100% dry before storing them.
  3. Store jewelry in a dry place and lay pearls flat.
  4. Never submerge pearls in water.
  5. Avoid using ultrasonic and steam cleaners.
  6. Remove your pearl jewelry when washing your hands or performing tasks that may cause physical damage. 
  7. Keep pearls away from harsh chemicals such as bleach, ammonia, and chlorine. 
  8. Remove jewelry when applying lotions and other beauty products.
  9. Don't swim or bath wearing your pearls.
  10. Do not use any type of jewelry cleaner on pearls.
  11. To prevent scratches or damage, store pearl jewelry separately from other types of jewelry.
  12. Use soft cloth pouches for storing and never store in plastic bags.
  13. Store pearl pieces in moderate temperature environments.
  14. Pearls need moisture to breath - avoid long periods of storing pearls in a safe or deposit box.

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