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Making product videos is a lot harder than I ever imagined. I always liked the idea of having product videos for my business, but had a fear of doing them. Finally, after a few years I took the leap. I realized the value of making product videos outweighed my initial fears - embarrassment and being self conscious. Creating product videos meant potential customers could get a closer look at my handmade pieces and meet the artisan behind each design. When COVID-19 happened and I had all this extra time I told myself no excuses, just go for it. So, that is what I did - started making YouTube videos.

"Just keep practicing, it gets easier."


My video bloopers

My first several videos were not good at all, but I get a good laugh at myself when watching them. One thing is for sure, the more videos I do the easier it gets. Filming without a crew is interesting as you will see in my video bloopers below. So, here is a day in the life of making a product video along with my funny bloopers. Enjoy.... 

7:45 am: This morning I decided to sleep in a little later, because I want to avoid bags under my eyes. Bags are great for traveling, but not for filming.

8:00 am: I do my normal daily routine - a few domestic tasks, grab a tall cup of coffee with almond milk and run upstairs to my studio. I catchup on some emails. 

8:30 am: I get all the MONOLISA pieces together for the product videos. I preplan the day before in my brain regarding the key points to video tape and communicate. I coach myself  reminders before doing videos - get to the point, try not to speak too fast or slow - somewhere in the middle, don't use the same words, leave out uh and smile (don't be stiff). That should be easy, not exactly. Next, I set-up the table with the products and get the video equipment ready. Then I test the lighting. The lighting is the part I struggle with and am still trying to perfect.

9:05 am: Now its time for hair and make-up followed by picking out my outfits. I like to do 3-4 product videos in one day. I try to wear at least two or three different styles. I typically stick with my favorite style, a simple black dress. After doing over fifty videos I know what films well on me. 

9:50 am: I am ready to start filming. When creating videos they are made in one shot. The only part cut is the very beginning before I started talking and the ending. So, if I don't get the video right the first time, I redo it. It is frustrating if the video is going really well and then at the very end I make a mistake.  Sometimes it can take 7-10 times before I get it right. Let's just say I have had plenty of practice. 

10:30 am: Ok. I finally got one video done. Now it's time to switch out the products, check the makeup, change my outfit and hydrate. 

10:45 am: Back to filming. I film until I get four videos I am happy with. 

1:00 pm:  I have lots of video footage to work with now. I am thirsty, exhausted from talking and need to put all the products away.

1:35 pm:  Now I am ready to start video editing - adjust the color, cut the beginning of the video to be just right, convert the format to be compatible online and then work on the imagery that goes with it it for YouTube and Social media. I think I will grab a little something to eat first. 

5:00 pm: I formatted three videos and they are now live on YouTube. Tomorrow will be a full day of formatting the last video tomorrow, prepping for social media and implementing on the MONOLISA website. I am ready for some dinner and a glass of wine. Tomorrow is a new day...

"Don't let fear stand in my way."


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