Leather Handbags Made In California

MONOLISA Handbags Made In California Designed with Swarovski Crystals - Leather Totes, Italian Leather Crossbody Bags & Clutch Bags Designed

MONOLISA leather handbags are made in California. The limited edition and one of a kind collection includes elegant tote bags, crossbody handbags, clutches and pouches. MONOLISA handmade bags are designed with luxurious premium European leathers and glamorous crystal elements. MONOLISA light weight bags come in classic, modern and fancy styles.  SHOP the MONOLISA Handbag Collection 

   MONOLISA Tote Bags - Made in USA

Tote Bags Made in California

MONOLISA ultra light tote bags are made in California. MONOLISA bags come in a variety of colors and premium Italian leathers. The tote collection features hand cut fringe designs with crystals. The on the go totes include large, medium and small, and mini size bags. The video showcases this tote and the bags features.

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 Italian Leather Black Crossbody Bags - Made in USA

Italian Leather Crossbody Bags Made in California

MONOLISA Italian leather crossbody bags are made in California. MONOLISA bags care designed with soft premium Italian leathers. The strap style bags come in different shapes and sizes. The collection features shimmering crystal elements in a variety of colors such as clear, pink, baby blue, royal blue and silver. The video features handbag designer, Lisa Ramos showcasing this the crossbody bag collection. SHOP Crossbody Collection

 MONOLISA Cell Bags - Made in California

Leather Cell Bags Made in USA

MONOLISA Italian leather and American leather cell bags are designed with soft premium materials. The collection is designed with the worlds finest cut crystals. The video features handbag designer, Lisa Ramos featuring some of the cell bag designs. SHOP Cell Bag Collection

MONOLISA Clutch Bags Designed with Swarovski Crystals - Made in California

Clutch Bags Made in California

MONOLISA clutch bags are made in California. Some of the  designs include colorful wristlet pouches, hand cut fringe designs and intricate crystal hardware plate designs. SHOP Clutch Handbag Collection


MONOLISA Mission is to design beautifully handmade limited edition pieces that add a touch of elegance to any personal style.