Versatile Sterling Colorful Hoop Earrings - Crystal Color Options

  • $108.00

These shimmering sterling silver colorful hoop earrings will add a touch of elegance to any personal style. The fancy hoops feature the worlds finest cut crystals. The circular stones come in a variety of colors such opal, blue, turquoise, rose, and iridescent on each earring. The colorful stones are removable, resulting in different style options. The delicate sterling silver hoops are hand sculpted, hammered, sanded and polished by artisan, Lisa Ramos in the San Francisco Bay Area.  It comes wrapped in a velvet bag featuring a mini crystal. What makes the elegant sterling silver hoop design unique? Each design is handmade, not casted - pouring molten metal into molds for mass production. The handmade design is an extensive process of hand sculpting, hammering, sanding and polishing to create a high quality piece you can wear for years to come. Each pair of earrings is personally hand crafted by designer, Lisa Ramos in Clayton, California. MONOLISA pieces are not mass produced or sold in retail stores. They are only available exclusively online store, by appointment or at a MONOLISA show. It comes wrapped in a velvet bag.  

925 Sterling Silver
 uses 90% pure silver, mixed with alloys to add strength and durability. 925 sterling silver metal will not wear down as silver plating can and is very durable. One of the benefits of sterling silver, it is hypoallergenic. Sterling silver is also known to fight infections and is associated with antibiotics along with skin repair. The sterling material is made in the USA. 

The video features designer, Lisa Ramos showcasing pieces from the hoop earrings collection.   Jewelry Review

"The designs are so unique! You won't see them anywhere else so if you like to be a trendsetter this is the designer for you. I just love the pink leather earrings. It is the perfect pink color. Top quality craftsmanship and materials."
Tracie C. from Pompano Beach, FL

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