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Artisan Lisa Ramos

MONOLISA hand crafted bags and jewelry pieces are not mass produced or sold in retail stores. They are only available exclusively at the MONOLISA online store or at MONOLISA shows. Each design is handmade by San Francisco Bay Area artisan, Lisa Ramos in her Clayton, California studio. 

Artist Statement

My love for design started in 2013, while exploring handbag patterns. My interest in product development eventually evolved into teaching myself how to sew on an industrial machine and hand sculpt metals. Fascinated by the design possibilities, I was immediately hooked. After 20 years of working in the digital world, I decided to make a career change.  In 2017 my collection, MONOLISA launched. MONOLISA pieces include meticulously handcrafted premium leather handbags, bag accessories and sculpted jewelry designed with crystals and gemstones. The brand's mission is to design beautifully handmade limited edition pieces that add a touch of elegance to any personal style. 

Behind the Scenes with Lisa Ramos Making the 2022 Handbag Collection.

Tools & Machines 

There are a variety of tools and machines Lisa uses to hand make each bag, leather accessory and sculpted jewelry piece. A Juki industrial sewing machine, pro hand press, flex shaft, micro motor, hot stamp iron, rotary tumbler and Bernina serger are the machines Lisa uses during development. Some of the hand tools used during production include leather punches, saws, Smith Torch, GRS Microblock, Leica microscope, burnishers, ring stretcher, a digital caliper, rotary cutter, skiver, mandrels, slicker, mallets, hammers, soldering accessories, dapper set, knives, files, rulers and various pliers. To accommodate new bag designs and production growth, in January 2020 a Techsew 2750 PRO cylinder walking foot industrial sewing machine was added to Lisa's studio.


Italian Leather Tote from the 2022 Handbag Collection

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Promoting Events

Lisa promotes each show by a variety of the following marketing efforts that include: email marketing - Lisa's growing customer database, Facebook EventsInstagram Posts & Stories, MONOLISA Show Schedule and event marketing print collateral (provided by event planners)

 Artisan Lisa Ramos - MONOLISA Handbags & Jewelry Booth

Booth Curation

MONOLISA's booth displays are specifically curated for each type of event. Each display showcases a clean and elegant experience. It features white tablecloths and cream colored blocks displays. A tree branch with delicate pink flowers floats above the tables, giving the space an extra welcoming and warm feeling. The premium leather bags and sculpted jewelry pieces are displayed so people can look, touch and feel each product. When people visit my booth I often hear: “your booth is so pretty and elegant”.

Fire Retardant Certified

The MONOLISA 10x10 outdoor booth is a commercial canopy tent fabric, CPAI-84 fire retardant certificated. As requested by Fire Departments, MONOLISA uses a 3A:40BC rated fire extinguisher bungeed to the front, lower leg of the booth. The fire extinguisher is stamped with a tag and is fully charged. For indoor shows requiring pipe and drape, the curtains are IFR (INHERENTLY FLAME RETARDANT) FIRE PROTECTION - the drape fabric is inherently flame retardant and meets NFPA 701 and CA #C-26501 requirements. IFR Fire Protection is permanent and won't wash off. Click here to see the MONOLISA certificate. 


In The MONOLISA Studio 


 MONOLISA Studio - Workstation & Industrial Sewing Machines

My Studio

MONOLISA Studio - At the bench


MONOLISA Studio - Photography & Video Area | Press Machine

Soldering & Cleaning Station
Soldering & Polishing Station

Working at the Bench

"I am always looking at new ways to improve. I look at creating pieces that require a new skill set and during that process I get inspired."

Working on leather pieces

"My designs are an extension of who I am."

Lisa working with torch
"I fell in love with the creative process because of the unlimited possibilities."


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