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San Francisco Bay Area Artisan, Lisa Ramos -MONOLISA Handmade Handbags, Bag Accessories & Jewelry For Women

Clayton Art & Wine Festival 

products are handmade by San Francisco Bay Area artisan, Lisa Ramos in her Clayton, California studio. Since MONOLISA's launched in 2017, Lisa has handmade over 600 products. The hand crafted collection includes premium leather handbags, bag accessories and jewelry. Adding a touch of elegance, some pieces are designed with beautiful Swarovski crystals and finished with Italian edge paint. Brand Mission - to design beautifully handmade limited edition pieces that add a touch of elegance to any personal style.  To preview the one of a kind and limited edition collection click here

In addition to designing for MONOLISA, Lisa creates all of the marketing, photography, social media curation and product videos for the brand. For information about Lisa's professional background view and LinkedIn 

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Booth Curation

MONOLISA participates in a variety of Northern California event types which include art & wine festivals, craft markets, art shows, holiday shopping events and bridal shows. MONOLISA's booth displays are specifically curated for each type of event. Here are videos showcasing booth display types which include: art festivalsindoor holiday events and bridal shows

Fire Retardant Certified 

The MONOLISA 10x10 outdoor booth is a commercial canopy tent fabric, CPAI-84 fire retardant certificated. As requested by Fire Departments or event planners, the MONOLISA booth uses a 3A:40BC rated fire extinguisher bungeed to the front, lower leg of the booth. The fire extinguisher is stamped with a "2019" tag and is fully charged. 

Studio & Working


 MONOLISA Studio in Clayton, California

Artisan, Lisa Ramos Working

 Artisan, Lisa Ramos Working on Leather Accessories


Artisan, Lisa Ramos Edge Painting Leather Accessories

MONOLISA Bay Area Events

In 2018 MONOLISA products were featured at 21 shows around the San Francisco Bay Area. In 2019 artisan, Lisa Ramos is participating in more than 28 shows. 

 Alameda (Mother’s Day) Spring Festival in Alameda, California - Featuring MONOLISA Brand 2019 Alameda (Mother’s Day) Spring Festival in Alameda, California © Meria.Agency

Saratoga Rotary Art Show in Saratoga, California - Featuring MONOLISA

2019 Saratoga Rotary Art Show in Saratoga, California. - Video click here

  2019 Palace of Fine Arts Bridal Show in San Francisco, California

  2019 Palace of Fine Arts Bridal Show in San Francisco, California

Holiday Display 

2018 Sip & Shop Holiday Soiree St. Isidore School Fundraiser in Danville, California - additional display videos click here


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