Gifts From Artists

Next time you are looking for a one of kind gift for someone special or yourself take the opportunity to explore the offerings of these highly talented artists and makers. These artists live in California and travel around the state featuring their work at art shows. The artists and makers also sell their pieces online - click the images below to explore their beautiful handmade collections.


California Artists & Makers

California Fine Artists

About The Talented California Artists & Makers

Alice Reva Designs - Botanically dyed and intentionally crafted in Bay Area - scarfs, hair accessories, face masks and pillow cases. Each one of a kind dyed piece is handmade by maker Alice Reva in Albany, California. 

Batle Studio
- Each object is are all handmade in San Francisco by artist Agelio Batle. The artist is committed to making art from materials that are part of daily experience. Agelio Batle originated this work by casting his own hand (Drawing Hand No.1) in pencil lead, graphite, each day for the calendar year 1999.  Each object is individually packaged in an elegant black gift box with literature telling a little bit about the artist/studio and the symbolism of the enclosed object. 

Camille Torres Designs - Artist Camille Torres is a Bay Area metal smith, artist and bug geek. Her incredible designs will immediately captivate you. Her pieces are inspired by the natural cycles in life, intertwining nature and the human interaction within it.

Creekside Turnery - Explore Artist Richard Vierra's beautiful wood work creations - one of a kind bowls, vases, platters, teapots and striking vessels. 

Copper & Ash - Wood burned offerings for Everyday Ritual - spoons, bowls and trays. Each detailed piece is handmade by Yountville, California artist Amy Boulant.  

Frank Michael Trozzo - The artist is inspired by something he's seen in a dream or an idea that suddenly appears. Each one of a kind piece of art is made by Frank Michael Trozzo in Northern California.  

HolidayPop - Handmade colorful greeting cards - birthdays, nature, proposals, weddings, holidays, kids and sports. The detailed cards are made in Burlingame, California.

I am a Yarner - Beautifully hand knit and crochet hats, scarves and headbands. The collection is handmade by Sacramento Artist Sandi Ragusa. 

Journey Vessels  - Louise McGowan Bezark is a Northern California native and artist with more than a decade of works in private collections throughout the US and overseas. Her inspirations come from colors, textures, and shapes, creatures large and small, from around the globe.

Linda Donohue Fine Art - The California artist paints abstract seascapes and expressionist paintings in acrylics inspired by the San Francisco Bay Area. Each fine art piece is handmade by Linda Donohue. 

Melani's Grube Art -The collection includes original fine art paintings, prints and unique cards. The original art is by Melani Grube.

MONOLISA - Premium leather handbags, jewelry and custom pieces designed with gemstones and lavish crystals. Handmade in Clayton, California by Artist Lisa Ramos.  

Rose Hill Art - Rose Hill received national recognition in fall of 1999 after appearing on the Oprah Winfrey Show and later her work was featured in "O" Magazine. Rose has long collected retro African American artifacts and inspired by her collection, began sketching designs for her won label, she soon found herself hooked on painting the nostalgic images. 

Rusty Noodle - An accomplished artist, Rob Nehring's sculptures are in galleries and part of private collections throughout the US. The characters featured in Rusty Noodle Studios are created overall from 99% recycled materials. Through found scrap materials, Rob lets the materials dictate what they will become. 

Saadia Art - Eye catching 3D resin designs - trays, jewelry holders, clocks and much more. Pieces from the collection have been featured in Each design is created by maker Saadia Kamal from San Ramon, California. 

Story SparkSouthern California founders Alex and Sun created STORY SPARK as a reminder that our time together should be fun and memorable. After having consulted for a number of corporations as digital interface designers, they decided to apply their experience and design principles into the creation of something personal - something with the potential to empower people at an individual level. 

Tek Photography - Each sweeping panoramic landscapes and night scape photography piece is captured by Humboldt Artist, Evan Kovasi.

"Thank you for supporting the arts".

California Designer Lisa Ramos - MONOLISA Handbags & Jewelry

The artists are personally selected by California Designer, Lisa Ramos who includes her own collection MONOLISA. "I have personally purchased pieces from all of the named artists - I love the quality and uniqueness of each handmade piece I own." For more about some of these artists read "Talented Artists and Makers in California"