Artisan, Lisa Ramos

San Francisco Bay Area  Artisan, Lisa Ramos for MONOLISA Handmade in California

The MONOLISA collection is designed and handmade by San Francisco Bay Area artisan, Lisa Ramos in her Clayton, California studio. Since the launch of MONOLISA in 2017, Lisa has handmade over 600 premium leather and Swarovski products. The San Francisco native started designing leather accessories in 2013 with an emphasis on meticulous attention to detail and style. Lisa travels around California showcasing her pieces at art shows. For her latest shows click here


Handbags Made in California - Monique Tote 4 – Tan Italian Leather Featuring Swarovski Fringe Accessory with Mini Matching Pouch

MONOLISA designs reflect Lisa’s personal style in quality and elegance while also adding a touch of Swarovski sparkle. Many pieces from the collection have beautiful edge paint finishing. The MONOLISA collection includes limited editionsone of a kind and custom handmade products. 

New MONOLISA products are released on a bimonthly basis. To learn about MONOLISA's new product releases follow Lisa Ramos on her social media outlets: 
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To design beautifully handmade limited edition pieces that add a touch of elegance to any personal style. 

MONOLISA Collection Preview


MONOLISA Bridal Collection