What are Earring Jackets?

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Lisa Ramos Blog: Sterling Silver Earring Jackets - MONOLISA Jewelry Made in California
If you appreciate versatile jewelry, earring jackets might be the perfect addition to your jewelry collection. What are earring jackets? They are design components worn with a pair of personal stud or post earrings. For example the hand crafted sterling metal hoop earring jackets above can be styled three ways - the hoops with the sterling studs, just the studs or wear the hoop earring jackets with a personal pair of stud earrings such as diamond or pearl studs, resulting in lots of versatility.

 Two Set Earring Jackets

I fell in love with earring jackets back in the eighties while working at a jewelry store in the mall. It was love at first sight and I had to have a pair. Luckily my mom, gave me her 14k gold earring jackets and I was ready to create lots of styles. I still have those beautiful dainty earring jackets and continue admiring their beauty. The earring jacket concept inspired me so much over the years, when I became a jewelry designer it felt natural adding them to the MONOLISA jewelry collection. In the below video, designer Lisa Ramos explains the details behind the earring jacket concept. 


Benefits of Earring Jackets

Earring jackets are ideal for someone who loves earrings with the bonus of style versatility. Some benefits to owning a pair of earring jackets include 1) Great for Traveling - create various styles without having to pack lots of jewelry. Create minimal day to fancy evening styles in minutes. 2) Transform Old Jewelry - take those old pairs of post or stud earrings and transform them into lots of new style earrings. 3) Everyday Styles - take a pair of earring jackets with a few pair of stud or post earrings and carry them in your handbag - allowing you to create various styles on the go. 


Lisa Ramos Blog: Sterling Silver Earring Jackets - MONOLISA Jewelry Made in California

MONOLISA Earring Jackets

MONOLISA earring jackets are unique, because each pair is handmade and aren’t casted - pouring molten metal into molds for mass production. The styles in the MONOLISA collection are sold in two sets versus a single set - the earring jackets and a pair of stud earrings. Each design is an extensive process of sawing metal pieces, hand sculpting, soldering, melting metal, hammering, sanding, buffing and polishing to create a high quality piece you can wear for years to come. Every pair is personally hand crafted by jewelry designer, Lisa Ramos in Clayton, California. MONOLISA artisan made jewelry is not mass produced or sold in retail stores. They are only available exclusively at this online store, by appointment or at a MONOLISA show. 


Lisa Ramos Blog: Modern Versatile Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings - Removable Crystals
Other Versatile Earring Styles

If you appreciate earring jackets you may want to consider other types of versatile jewelry pieces. The sterling hoops with lavish crystals above are the perfect accessory to complement any personal style. The versatile design gives you two earring styles, hoops with large 28mm crystals or minimal silver hoop earrings. The crystals earrings deliver high brilliance and lots of light reflection making them simply beautiful. The other style earrings below can be styled various ways by simply removing the fancy faceted crystals.

Lisa Ramos Blog: Rose Gold Hoop Earrings - Removable Crystals - MONOLISA Jewelry Made in California
Remove the Crystals to Create Multiple Style Hoops

Lisa Ramos Blog: MONOLISA Versatile Jewelry Made in California

Multiple Style Earrings



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