10 Facts About Gold Filled Jewelry

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Picture of MONOLISA Crystal Earrings Designed with 14k Gold Filled Metals - From Blog Article "10 Facts About Gold Filled Jewelry" by Artist Lisa Ramos


When shopping for beautiful gold jewelry, gold filled jewelry is one option. People find gold filled jewelry a great alternative to higher grade gold designs. Consumers appreciate gold filled material, because of its affordability, durability and hypo-allergnic properties. There are many gold filled metal jewelry designs on the market and it can be unclear what the gold filled material actual is. In this blog article I am taking readers through a quick look at some facts about gold filled metals to help better understand the mystery behind this material. Let's take a look at the metals history, where it comes from and some interesting facts about the metal. 

Picture of Hand Sculpted 14k Gold Filled Ring Made in California | om Blog Article - 10 Facts About Gold Filled Jewelry by Artist Lisa Ramos
  1. Who discovered gold filled metals? In 1817, an Englishman John Turner patented his discovery of the gold filled wire and sheet metal technique.
  2. How is gold filled metal made?  Gold filled metal is a bonded layer of real gold onto a base metal, usually brass. The mechanical bonding process is a combination of heat and pressure. This process is also known as "Gold Bonded" or "Rolled Gold". 
  3. How much gold is in gold filled jewelry? By law gold filled jewelry must contain 5% gold or 1/20th gold by weight.
  4. Does gold filled jewelry tarnish? Gold filled metals are tarnish resistant and will not change color unless the metal is exposed to extreme sulfides.
  5. Does gold filled jewelry look like higher graded gold? Yes, it does. Gold filled jewelry has the same appearance as high carat gold.  
  6. How long can gold filled jewelry last? Gold filled jewelry can last a long time if it is properly cared for. You can get gold filled jewelry wet and it will last 10-30 years
  7. What damages gold filled metal jewelry? Gold filled jewelry can't be exposed to chemicals or it will get damaged. Examples of harsh chemicals include bleach and chlorine. 
  8. Is all gold filled metals stamped on jewelry pieces? No. Not all gold filled jewelry is stamped. If if is stamped the markings will include karat number and the letters "GF". 
  9. Where are gold filled metals produced? Most of the gold filled metals are produced in the USA. Other countries that produce gold filled metals include Italy and China. 
  10. How much better are gold filled metals vs plated metals? Gold filled metals are hundred times better than plated gold.


California Handbag & Jewelry Designer - Lisa Ramos
This blog article is written by California Designer, Lisa Ramos who is a member of the International Gem Society (IGS) and Argentium Silver Guild.

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