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Meet the Artist - California Handbag & Jewelry Designer Lisa Ramos Blog Article - Picture of Lisa Working in The Studio

In this blog article I am getting a little more personal with readers about me. If you don't know me below is short introduction. For those who do know me I hope you learn something new. So, lets meet the artist behind MONOLISA.   

Meet the Artist Lisa Ramos 

    1. Before becoming an artist I worked in tech for 20 years - assistant, project manager and lots of sales. 
    2. I have a bachelors degree in sociology - I wasn't sure what I wanted to do in college so I picked this major.
    3. I have learning differences and dislike classroom settings - I still avoid classrooms.
    4. I am a self taught metal and leather smith artist - I continue learning everyday.
    5. I can’t eat dairy, but love it - I miss cheese pizza!
    6. My favorite place to visit is Hawaii - the Big Island is incredible. 
    7. I am a neat freak and keep a very clean house - a house guest once said it doesn't look like anyone lives here, such a
    8. Creating with my hands has significantly reduced my anxiety - I always want to be in the studio.
    9. I can’t draw, but can picture images of my work in my mind - drawing is not a prerequisite for being an artist.
    10. I use to be a long distance runner - now my hips and feet are shot.
    11. I am sensitive to loud noises - chew quietly please.
    12. My guilty pleasure, getting into bed early and watching makeup tutorial videos - I love makeup. 
    13. I have a side project called that supports the art community - check it out and thanks for shopping local.
    14. I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area - I now live in Clayton. 
    15. I have been obsessed with handbags and jewelry ever since I can remember - I love sparkly things.
    16. Sapphires are my favorite gemstone - especially pink colored. 
    17. My biggest success in life, meeting my husband - we met 19 years ago. 
    18. My biggest failure, too many to pick from - I will keep counting. 
    19. I worked at a jewelry store with my mother in my teens - my mom taught me how to work hard and she is a tough cookie.
    20. I don't like to cook or bake - I prefer doing the dishes. 
    21. If I could live anywhere it would be South Florida - the beaches are incredible and I have friends there. 
    22. My favorite flower is an orchid - it lasts longer than a week and re-blooms. 
    23. I appreciate structure and keep a tight schedule - I don't like surprises. 
    24. My creative process evolves organically and at the least likely times - in the middle of the night, during a conversation, doing laundry or driving.
    25. I love technology and use it to manage my life - yes I have a task list and auto reminders. 
    26. I don't like wearing jeans, I prefer dresses - Although I do love large sweats in the winter. 
    27. I had ovarian cancer at the age of 33 - my gut told me to go to the doctors. 
    28. I don't like going to movie theaters or eating hot dogs - I know it is strange. 
    29. I am deathly afraid of sharks - I love snorkeling.
    30. I didn't enjoy reading until my late forties - now I read in the middle of the night when I can't sleep....which is a lot.


Picture of My favorite Beach in Boca Raton, Florida - Red Reef Park From Blog Article: Meet the Artist - California Handbag & Jewelry Designer Lisa Ramos

My favorite Beach in Boca Raton, Florida - Red Reef Park

"My mission is to design beautifully handmade limited edition pieces that add a touch of elegance to any personal style. "
Handbag & Jewelry Designer, Lisa Ramos
This blog post is written by California handbag and jewelry designer, Lisa Ramos. 

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  • I bought earrings from you when you were showing at the Napa fair. Loved them!! Hope I can make more purchases in the future.

    Jean Buller on

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