Handbag and jewelry designer, Lisa Ramos is a member of the following organizations below. As a designer Lisa is always looking at new ways to improve her craft and connect with the art community. "I look at creating pieces that require a new skill set and during that process become inspired. Being a member in different organizations gives me the opportunity to continue the learning process in my craft and to support the unlimited possibilities of the arts. To see how my journey started read my blog about How I started a Business at 50"



"SNAG is for anyone with an interest in the art and craft of jewelry and metalsmithing. SNAG embraces all metals, multiple alternative materials, and different sizes and scale."


BayArea Made


"Bay Area Made is dedicated to showcasing products made in the Bay Area and the people who create them. Their platform highlights the richness and diversity of our region and the creativity and craftsmanship of the companies that have chosen to make their products here."

Argentium Silver Guild

Argentium Silver Guild

"It provides a place for Argentium enthusiasts to share their knowledge and experiences and to foster excellence through good practice and inspiration."

International Gem Society

International Gem Society

 "IGS was initially founded to make gemology information accessible and affordable to everyone. Members can enroll in our gemology course and take the complete course through to certification. Now, the mission has evolved to bringing together people who want to learn, discuss and trade gemstones."



"Founded in 1995 - Ganoksin is the worlds largest educational internet site for the jewelry, gemology and metals field."


National Association of Artists

"The National Association of Independent Artists - NAIA provides a forum for artists to communicate with one another and other people in the arts community. They support existing community-based shows to make/keep them a viable market for selling art and crafts. In addition, they work with select communities to establish high quality new shows. They work toward developing educational programs for artists as well as alternative markets for members providing support for artists in whatever stage of their career."