Blue Stingray Coaster Set of 6 - Stingray & Croc Leather Limited Edition

  • $78.00

The coaster set is one of a kind. The double sided-leather coaster set is hand cut and the sides are meticulously edge painted for extra durability and elegance. This product is handmade in the San Francisco Bay area and comes wrapped in a small dust bag with a leather tie. 

Moonlight Blue Croc
Leather:  Moonlight Blue - European, embossed, corrected grain leather. The moonlight blue is made with the reproduction of the pattern of alligator skin giving it a very prominent appearance. The blast of deep texture and rich tone variation is completed by a stucco-finish on the surface, giving for a smooth surface with a subtle shine. 
Edge Finish: Shiny blue
Size: 3.5″ x 3.5″
Quantity: 3

Color: Black background with silver dots
Leather: Italian embossed metallic leather with a sting ray pattern effect. 
Edge Finish: Shiny black 
Size: 3.5″ x 3.5″
Quantity: 3

Customer Testimonials:

"Before the holidays I still had last minute gifts to get for special people in my life. I purchased the black stingray coaster sets and they arrived immediately, in beautiful pouches and were nicely priced. They were the perfect gifts. Next I have a birthday gift to get for a special friend who has everything. I am now trying to decide which of the Monique bags would be just right. I think the Monique bag with Rose Crystals would be perfect!" 

Candice S. from California

What is Leather Edge Paint Finish?

It is when an artisan finishes the cut edges of a leather piece with paint, creating a more refined look. MONOLISA uses premium Italian edge paint, achieving the highest quality edge on our card cases and coaster sets. The edge painting process takes up to five steps.  his video demonstrates the third step process, painting the first layer of color. 

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