Iridescent Spike Crystal Earrings - Argentium® Silver or 14k Gold

  • $80.00

The spike earrings feature the worlds finest cut crystals and silver, Argentium®. The gorgeous yellow iridescent spike shaped stones come in size options 18mm and 28mm. The earring hardware is handcrafted in the finest silver, Argentium and 14k gold filled materials. The eye-catching faceted spike crystal earrings will compliment any personal style day or night. The crystal earrings come with a black velvet bag with a mini crystal. 

SIZING:  Starts from the top of the earring to the tip of the crystal. 

Argentium® Silver
The metal material MONOLISA uses on this piece of jewelry is Argentium silver, also known as 935. Argentium silver contains 93.6% pure silver and is more pure than traditional silver. Argentium silver is seven times more tarnish resistant than sterling silver and is nickel free. Argentium silver is brighter and whiter than other precious metals, making it simply beautiful. The metal is hypoallergenic also known to fight infections and is associated with antibiotics along with skin repair. This metal is made in the USA and made from ethically sourced silver. More about Argentium Silver - click here

Argentium - The Finest Silver
Guide on How to Clean Argentium Silver Jewelry

14k Gold Filled
 - MONOLISA gold filled jewelry has an actual layer of gold-pressure bonded to another metal. It contains 100% more gold than plated jewelry. It is much more valuable and tarnish resistant, therefore it doesn't change color. It has the same appearance as high carat gold.   

The video features the spike crystals

Customer Review
“I just can’t say enough how impressed I am with the beauty, quality and craftsmanship of the MONOLISA products I have purchased. Such meticulous attention to detail.  I have purchased several items as gifts and everyone has fallen in love with them. Just gorgeous!” 
Jennifer J. from Walnut Creek, California

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