14k Gold Ultra Goddess Choker Pendants - Swarovski (style options)

  • $148.00

Discover our thick 14k gold filled goddess pendants featuring the worlds finest crystals, Swarovski.  The video shows jewelry designer, Lisa Ramos wearing the 28mm large pear pendant with matching earrings. Each pendant is designed with a variety of Swarovski crystals in beautiful shapes, colors and sizes. Our pendant pieces are interchangeable with our ultra and delicate goddess chokers or wear with a personal necklace. Each pendant is handmade with a heavy-weight 14k gold, sculpted, hammered, sanded and extensively polished by artisan, Lisa Ramos in the San Francisco Bay Area. The pendant comes wrapped in a velvet bag featuring a mini Swarovski.

14K Gold Filled Hardware: Our gold filled jewelry has an actual layer of gold-pressure bonded to another metal. It contains 100% more gold than plated jewelry. It is much more valuable and tarnish resistant, therefore it doesn't change color. It has the same appearance as high carat gold.

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