Argentium® Silver Elegant Crystal Modern Pear Earrings - (color options)

  • $68.00

The earrings feature the worlds finest cut crystals and silver, Argentium®. The gorgeous modern pear shaped 16mm stones come in four color options, unicorn, unique blue, rainbow and iridescence. The hardware design is handcrafted with the finest silver, Argentium and is handmade in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area. The earrings come wrapped in a small black cotton bag featuring a mini crystal.

Size: 1.25” from the top of the earring to the tip of the 16mm crystal.  Crystal sizes to inches click here

Argentium® Silver
Argentium silver, the finest silver is used to design this handmade jewelry piece. Argentium silver contains 93.6% pure silver and is more pure than sterling silver. Argentium silver is seven times more tarnish resistant than traditional sterling silver and is nickel free. Argentium silver is brighter and whiter than other precious metals, making it simply beautiful. Argentium silver is hypoallergenic also known to fight infections and is associated with antibiotics along with skin repair. The Argentium silver MONOLISA uses is made in the USA and is ethically sourced silver. To learn more about Argentium silver read - What is Argentium Silver?

Argentium - The Finest Silver

Guide on How to Clean Argentium Silver Jewelry


Jewelry Review
I love the artistic, unique designs that Lisa has to offer. I will continue to buy her beautiful jewelry. Customer service is the best. A pleasure doing business with."
Sylvia C. from Walnut Creek, California

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