Clear Cristallo Heart Earrings - Iridescent Crystals (4 sizes)

  • $68.00

Add a touch of BIG sparkle to any outfit. Featuring iridescent crystal hearts designed with the following jewelry metal options - rose gold filled, 925 sterling silver or shiny plated silver. Inspired by the jewelry designer's Italian roots, the earrings are named Cristallo, meaning crystal in Italian. This product is handmade in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area and comes wrapped in a small black velvet bag featuring a mini crystal.

Rose Gold Filled Hardware: 
MONOLISA rose gold filled jewelry has an actual layer of gold-pressure bonded to another metal. It contains 100% more gold than plated jewelry. It is much more valuable and tarnish resistant, therefore it doesn't change color. 
It has the same appearance as high carat gold. Copper is added to the gold creating a beautiful pink color. 

925 Sterling Silver
 uses 90% pure silver, mixed with alloys to add strength and durability. 925 sterling silver metal will not wear down as silver plating can and is very durable. One of the benefits of sterling silver, it is hypoallergenic. Sterling silver is also known to fight infections and is associated with antibiotics along with skin repair. The sterling material is made in the USA. 

SIZING: 1.25" Starts from the top of the earring to the tip of the crystal. Crystal sizes to inches click here

Jewelry Review
I was looking for a very special gift for my best friends birthday... I had gone through many different places to try to find the right pair of earrings that really stood out to me, and nothing compared to the stunning work of MONOLISA!!! I actually ended up getting us matching pairs, and she absolutely loved them. This is something that we will both truly cherish forever. I can’t wait to be making more purchases! From the stunning jewelry I can wear everyday, to the unique craftsmanship, and beautiful crystals...and, have you seen those handbags?!😍  Cassidy W. from Lodi, California 

Product model Makeup by Helene Kristoffersen 

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