Choker Necklace for Pendants - 14k Rose Gold or Traditional Sterling

  • $105.00

The handmade choker necklaces for the MONOLISA Pendant Collection are created in 14k gold filled metals (gold and rose) and traditional sterling metal materials. The 14k gold filled metal necklaces have an actual layer of gold-pressure bonded to another metal. Each hand crafted necklace contains 100% more gold than plated jewelry. 14k gold filled metals are more valuable and tarnish resistant and more resistant to change color. The 14k gold filled metals have the same appearance as high carat gold - copper is added to the gold creating a beautiful pink color on the rose gold metals. The traditional sterling material used to design each necklace is 90% pure silver, mixed with alloys to add strength and durability. Traditional sterling silver metal will not wear down as silver plating can and is very durable. One of the benefits of sterling silver, it is hypoallergenic. Sterling silver is also known to fight infections and is associated with antibiotics along with skin repair. The sterling material MONOLISA uses is made in the USA. Each choker necklace is designed, sculpted, hammered, sanded and extensively polished by California Jewelry designer, Lisa Ramos in Clayton, California. Each necklace is wrapped in a velvet bag.

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Jewelry Review: "I love the artistic, unique designs that Lisa has to offer. I will continue to buy her beautiful jewelry. Customer service is the best. A pleasure doing business with." "Sylvia C. from Walnut Creek, California

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