Jewelry Made In California

Jewelry Made In California - MONOLISA Hand Sculpted Sterling Rings

The MONOLISA jewelry collection offers elegant sparkling earrings, sculpted goddess rings and one of a kind necklaces. Our jewelry pieces are designed with beautiful Italian leathers, sparkling Swarovski elements and premium metals. Choose from minimalist to classic styles. The fanciful collection includes dangle, chandelier and hoop style earrings. Explore our necklace collection designed with silk suede, Swarovski elements and sculpted metals. Our one of a kind bracelets add a touch of uniqueness to any personal style. MONOLISA jewelry is made in California.

Jewelry Made In California - MONOLISA

Add touch of elegance to any style with a handmade piece for the MONOLISA Swarovski jewelry collection. The collection includes sculpted sterling and leather jewelry - earrings, bracelets and necklaces. The MONOLISA jewelry collection is designed with the finest quality crystal elements, Swarovski. The sparkling pieces are made with an array of beautiful Swarovski stones in unique shapes and sizes. The pieces are designed with plated hardware, premium sterling silver and gold filled metals. Discover the beauty of the worlds finest precision-cut crystals, Swarovski. 


Jewelry Made In California - MONOLISA Hand Sculpted Pieces

Each jewelry piece from the sculpted collection is totally unique. The collection includes earrings, goddess rings and necklaces in gold filled and sterling silver. For extra elegance, some pieces are designed with sparkling Swarovski crystals. Every product is hand sculpted by artisan, Lisa Ramos in Clayton, California.

Two Styles - Fancy or Minimal

Remove the circle Swarovski stones for a minimal style. 

Jewelry Made In California - MONOLISA Earrings with Swarovski Crystals

Jewelry Made In California - MONOLISA Earrings with Swarovski Crystals



MONOLISA Leather Earrings - Jewelry Made In California
Add a stunning look to your day or evening style with a piece from the MONOLISA leather jewelry collection. The timeless and handmade leather pieces are designed with premium European leathers from Italy and Spain. The collection includes double sided leather earrings and necklaces in a variety of unique shapes and sizes. Many styles have Italian edge painting finishing, adding extra elegance and durability. Inspired by the jewelry designer's Italian roots, a variety of the pieces are Italian named. The jewelry collection offers limited edition and one of a kind pieces, ideal gifts for girlfriends or treating yourself.