Animal Instinct Coaster Set of 5 - Hair On Leather Limited Edition

  • $65.00

The coaster set is one of a kind and requires an eight step process to make. The double sided-leather coaster set is hand cut and the sides are meticulously edge painted for extra durability and elegance.  The coaster set is a unique gift for the hostess or for a friend.This product is handmade in the San Francisco Bay area and comes wrapped in a small dust bag with a leather tie. 

Color:  Leopard pattern
Leather:  Cow hair
Edge Finish: Shiny black
Size: 3.5″ x 3.5″
Quantity: 5

What is Leather Edge Paint Finish?

It is when an artisan finishes the cut edges of a leather piece with paint, creating a more refined look. MONOLISA uses premium Italian edge paint, achieving the highest quality edge on our card cases and coaster sets. The edge painting process takes up to five steps.  his video demonstrates the third step process, painting the first layer of color. 

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